Belgosuc NV

This solution in a nutshell:

  • Filling of IBCs, drums and barrels
  • Upper mirror filling
  • Food environment
  • Integration with ERP customer

Why the customer chose Robbe Industries….

  • Automation
  • Flexible and customized for the customer
  • Good project follow-up
  • Years of experience

Customer data

Belgosuc Beernem


For filling IBCs and pallets with drums, Belgosuc NV at Beernem contacted Robbe Industries.

Both companies have worked together for many years and can look back on several projects that were successfully realized together. Robbe Industries was therefore proud to take on this new project as a privileged partner !

Until recently, IBCs and drums were filled by Belgosuc on a pallet weigher, but this was a time-intensive activity with unnecessary manual internal transport. In addition, Belgosuc recently built a filling room (clean room) in which they do not want the transport of forklifts and transpallets. Logically, they wanted a solution where the IBCs and drums could be filled in the most efficient and ergonomic way possible without forklifts and transpallets entering the filling room.

Together with Robbe Industries, we looked at how the fill line would be built. A great deal of attention was paid to proper workflow and working as ergonomically as possible for the operators. In addition, the new installation had to be built into an existing filling room with as little loss of space as possible.

After thorough thinking and sketching, an optimal way to incorporate the fill line was found. Roller and chain conveyors bring the empty IBCs to the filling station. The IBCs and pallets are placed on a roller conveyor outside the clean room. Through a high-speed gate, these pallets enter the filling room in no time.

Once they are at the filling station, a barcode scanner scans the SSCC number of the IBC and transmits it to Belgosuc’s ERP program via the Robbe PLC controller. After this check, filling with the filling lance can begin. The fill lance is height adjustable and has a large horizontal reach, making it possible to fill both IBCs and drums.

After filling by weight, the IBCs and drums are sealed, after which they are automatically disposed of via the chain conveyor. Once again, through a high-speed gate, the filled IBC is taken outside where it can be picked up with a forklift. Through the rapid exit gates, there should be no “polluting” forklifts or transpallets in the clean room.

The chain conveyor at the level of the filling station was completely covered with plastic gratings so that this became a large work surface. A large work platform was worked out to perfectly fit against the chain link fence. The complete filling line was built in stainless steel.

The control of the filling line was worked out and programmed in-house by Robbe Industries. The heart of the automation consists of a PLC from the Siemens S7-1500 series to which various I/O is linked. Through a large and clear touch screen, the status of the filling line is presented to the operator in a user-friendly and clear manner. The visual control was customized for Belgosuc, as they are implementing button and color coding throughout the company so that all controls can be operated similarly by operators.

The filling line was calibrated as an OIML R61 Dispenser by Robbe Industries in-house. All filled IBCs and drums may therefore be taken directly into commerce.

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