Mobile filling machines

This solution in a nutshell:

  • Mobile and immediately deployable
  • Chemistry, food, agro-industry, …
  • Diverse options are possible

More than 175 years of experience

  • Our team is very flexible
  • Custom-made
  • Always in time

Mobile filling machines can be used to fill a little batch in bags or boxes, in a quick, efficient and ergonomic way. A sealing or sewing machine can be integrated next to the filling machine to seal the package. Via a cobot or robot palletising installation, the filled bags or boxes can be stacked neatly.

If you would like to fill bagged goods or openmouth bags with products that are difficult to dose or very liquid solids (like granules), we can always offer you an appropriate solution.

We also offer different solutions for everyone who wants to operate in a flexible and quick way. Today, the batches get smaller and smaller. Moreover, the diversity of the product increases. Therefore, it is very important for our customers to switch quickly and work in an efficient and ergonomic way.

For a lot of products, it is necessary to clean between batches. Therefore, we make sure that our machines can be cleaned in an easy and secure way.

Our machines are perfect for openmouth bags, valve bags, paper bags, … Our filling devices are compatible with (poly)woven bags, plastic bags or paper bags. Also, for buckets and boxes we have the right solutions, with or without inliner.

By means of our filling systems integrated in a filling line, the bags are filled, closed and automatically stacked with a palletising robot.

The weighing can be done via a net or gross weighing system. The filling is automatically executed by a controller or weight indicator. As soon as the machine is calibrated, the filled package is ready to use in commercial traffic.

Filling by means of a vibrating feeder has the big advantage that the vibrating feeder is easy to clean

The vibrating feeder can be controlled by the weight indicator. Hence, bags can be filled at different rates per product category. The implemented weight electronics make sure that every bag or box is filled accurately within tolerance and get ready to use in commercial traffic (legal-for-trade).

Our filling machines operate according to the principle that the operator places a package. This can be a box or bag. Subsequently, the machine can automatically fill a package with the required weight. After the filling, the operator can seal the bag or box by means of a sewing machine or sealer. Meanwhile, the machine is already filling another box or bag.

In case of product change, the device can easily and quickly be cleaned.

The product with which the boxes or bags have to be filled, preferably has to be grainy. Moreover, by preference, it is rather dust-free when vibrating. Therefore, the ideal products are plastic grains, chocolate chips, nuts, flakes, pellets, snippets, …

Whenever the product is pulverulent or a fine grain, a screw feeder is more appropriate to fill the package. Combined with an inflatable bellow at the filling spout of the bag, the filling can be done in a complete dust-free way!

The in-house Atlas filling machine can be provided with a hygienic and easy to clean screw feeder. This way, this bagging machine is ideal for the use within the food industry or chemical industry (for instance for filling with pigments).

In case you want to fill in a quick and efficient way, there is the possibility to operate by means of a butterfly valve. Moreover, it is possible to operate with a net weigher and weighing funnel. This way, during the operation, the machine fills the weighing funnel automatically. Hence, flow rates of 5 ton/h can be reached on a semi-automatic line!

Automation and efficiency

By means of a cobot or a robot, the bags or boxes can easily be placed. This way, the operator is relieved. Moreover, the filled packages or bags can be stacked on a pallet.


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