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  • Quick return because of Retrofit filling machine with new up-to-date controller
  • Chemistry, food, agro-industry, …

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Electrical hardware and industrial controllers quickly change, even in industrial applications. For some machines, it happens that certain controllers, weighing indicators or other electronics are not available anymore. Or they do not meet the most recent requirements or guidelines anymore. Often, a current ATEX zonation is required zo, while it wasn’t yet applicaple when purchasing.

If the mechanical hardware is still in a good condition, but the electrical components need to be replaced, we can offer you an effective solution. Because of our many years of experience in designing and producing complete machines to weigh and fill, we can always provide an answer.

Quick ROI (Return on Investment)

As the costs are rather limited in case of a conversion or retrofit, the return of investment will be very limited for the customer. The customer takes advantage of a double benefit as he gets a complete new and conform controller with a limited budget.

Investigating how we can help

Together with the customer, we investigate how we can help. Therefore, we analyze the situation on site. This is our approach. After we have determined all criteria and requirements, we make a complete, functional analysis including all electronical components. Subsequently, we prepare a proposal in which we discuss everything clearly, in close cooperation with our customer, before starting with the production. As soon as we get an approval from our customer, the final schemes and workflow will be determined.


If the machine and controller will be installed in an ATEX (potentially explosive) environment, we will check all details accurately. If necessary, all components will be adjusted too. We have already many years of experience with ATEX, both in dusty and gas environments.

Meet the machine requirements and take care of the ergonomics of the operator

During the functional analysis it often gets clear that the mechanical hardware doesn’t meet the current machine requirements anymore. In this case, we search for a solution, together with our customer. This can be mechanically, by installing an additional protection or by limiting the access as electronical measures. Access doors and gates can for instance be protected by an electrical safety switch or light screen.

It is also possible that the analysis makes clear that some things have to change in order to guarantee a better ergonomy for the users. This can involve little things like avoiding repetitive, heavy operations. Of course, we can go the extra mile and make sure that the operator has to lift less or switch position, by means of automation. A cobot can be installed next to the operator to reach things. Moreover, an automatic sealer or sewing machine can seal or sew the filled bag faster and automatically.

Exclude human errors by an excellent visualization on touchscreen

During the creation of recipes, an operator had to weigh certain quantities according to a specific workflow. We can visualize this process and add controls, so no errors will occur during the process. Also, we can perform automatic check weighings.

By means of this automatic check weighings we can make the production process more secure and make sure that the quality of the final process increases.

OEM partnership Siemens

Robbe Industries SA is an OEM partner of Siemens. As a matter of fact, we were one of the first companies in Belgium with whom Siemens started a partnership. Of course, we are proud of it.

Our installations and retrofits only use PLCs and control components of Siemens. Because of many years of collaboration between Robbe Industries and Siemens, our employees have a very detailed product knowledge. Finally, we often use the Siemens SIWAREX weighing components.

Production phase

After the analysis and study phase, we can start with the development of the project. After this, our employees start with the assembly of the control cabinets and the wiring. At the same time, our PLC programmers start with the machine codes and visualization (HMI).

Installation and conversion at the customer’s site

As with other devices, our in-house technicians and mechanics will deliver the new control cabinets and components and install them. We do this in close cooperation with our customer. It’s also possible that we will install everything during a planned production downtime.

Our technicians have many years of experience and are passionate professionals. Moreover, as a company, we are VCA certified*.

Operation and calibration with metrological measuring instrument

After the installation and conversion on site, we can also adjust the customized machines. As we are certified as an inspection body, our in-house people can execute the calibration or inspection.

We are the only company in Belgium that is authorized to execute CE conform calibrations or inspections with the Siwarex weighing modules WP251, WP351 and FTA.


As with other weighing or filling devices, we guarantee an excellent follow-up and after-sales service as soon as the project is finished. You can also ensure that your device is regularly maintained by means of a maintenance contract.

A regular check regarding weighing is one of our services too. Moreover, you can get any certificate and implement it in your quality system.

Possibility to test in the testing centre of Robbe, without obligation

Do you have any question? Or would you like to test your own product or package?

Please do not hesitate to contact us! We dispose of several test machines in our workshops, with which we can test your product in a realistic environment.

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Can we help you?

Describe your project and needs by filling in the form below. We will answer you within two working days and explain how we can help you.