Bagging installations

This solution in a nutshell:

  • Filling bags and packages by weight automatically
  • Stand-alone filling machine or filling line with sewing unit, sealing unit or paletising unit
  • Hygienic and food compatible versions are possible
  • Chemistry, food, agro-industry, …

More than 175 years of experience

  • Our team is very flexible
  • Custom-made
  • Always in time

Would you like to handle your product and fill in a bag or package? Thanks to our filling machines for bags, you can count on perfectly filled bags.

If you would like to fill bagged goods or openmouth bags with products that are difficult to dose or very liquid solids (like granules), we can always offer you an appropriate solution.

Our machines are perfect for openmouth bags, valve bags, paper bags, … Our filling devices are compatible with (poly)woven bags, plastic bags or paper bags. Also, for buckets and boxes we have the right solutions, with or without inliner.

The weighing can be done via a net or gross weighing system. The filling is automatically executed by a controller or weight indicator. As soon as the machine is calibrated, the filled package is ready to use in commercial traffic.

By means of our filling systems integrated in a filling line, the bags are filled, closed and automatically stacked with a palletising robot.

Our filling systems can operate completely automatically by means of a bag installer, with which the bag is automatically pinned up. The content is dosed correctly by weight, in a bag. After filling, the package is sealed via a sewing head or heatsealer.

Ergonomic and efficient

Via our semi-automatic machines, the bag is pinned up by an operator. The rest of the operations, like transport and sealing of the packages (e.g. sewing) is automatically done. This way, filling can be done at a fast rate. The palletising robot ensures that the bags are neatly stacked on a pallet.

Experience and know-how in dosing

In order to get the product quickly and accurately in a bag, we make use of different dosing units. Via dosing with a screw, products that are difficult to transport are dosed correctly in the package. In case the product is liquid enough, one can make use of a butterfly valve. Hence, the product is gravity fed in the bag. A conveyor belt and vibrating feeder are possible feeders too. Thanks to our many years of experience, we can offer the best dosing unit for your product or industry.

Filling line

After the bag, box or package was dosed by the correct weight, the machine finishes the process automatically. Afterwards, the bag can be transported to the palletising cell via the sewing machine or heatsealer. The palletising robot automatically places the bags on the pallet, according to the learned stacking pattern. Via our intuitive interface, the complete filling line is easy to control.

Our filling machines are used in numerous industries. Moreover, we dispose of a wide range of possibilities and dosing units for all kinds of products.

Stand-alone backing device

A stand-alone filling machine is a perfect option for anyone who wants to have short production runs or a mobile application. Those devices are very user-friendly and can be moved between the different filling posts. For the food industry, we dispose of machines with a hygienic design which meet the highest requirements.

Do you have any question? Or would you like to see a demo first? We have different devices in our test laboratory with which we can test your product or package. We are eager to help you!

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Can we help you?

Describe your project and needs by filling in the form below. We will answer you within two working days and explain how we can help you.