Depalletising automatically with robot

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Bulk material is often packed in bags. Whenever batches have to be rotated, with wide ranges of bags, this can be automated by a robot. As a matter of fact, the robot can take over the difficult and boring job of the operator. Moreover, it can stack the bags automatically and the content of the bags can be transported out of the robot cell automatically too.

Value Added Logistics at logistic players

Both logistic players and companies that handle bulk material rewrap or repack bagged goods automatically into a bulk unit, like bigbags, octabins or silos. In logistic companies, this is called Value Added Logistics (VAL). Therefore, a value is added by the logistic company, like packaging, rewrapping or repacking of bulk material. The quicker and more ergonomic this can be done, the more solid this logistic player will be. A robot can easily execute up to 30 ton/h in several shifts a day, without any additional costs regarding infrastructure. Therefore, it is very interesting to consider this kind of system for these companies.

Creating mixtures automatically by means of a palletising robot

Not only in the logistics industry, depalletising automatically can be an added value. For instance, in the food industry or chemical industry, it is often necessary to start up batches by means of different recipes of bags. Whenever there are different picking positions, a robot on a track can take the necessary bags. An additional advantage is that the robot is controlled by the PLC controller and will follow the recipe accurately. This way, human errors are excluded. By means of an automatic screw feeder or weigh feeder beteen the cutting station of the bags and the outpouring unit, also a certain quantity of a bag can be taken. Hence, the flexibility increases even more.

Robot cell technology

The robot picks up the bags by means of a sucking cup which is controlled by a vacuum technique. For woven or porous bags, a special robot gripper is used. It is even possible that the robot picks up each bag separately or even a complete layer. In case of a complete layer, the robot can transport the bags to the cutting station and open them separately. The cutting station is the core of the robot cell. Here, the bags are opened automatically. Depending on the product and the flow properties, the cutting station has to be configurated. Also, extraction or intermediate cleaning is possible.

The entry of the pallets with bags can be transported by means of a lift truck. This can be automated by roller conveyors too, which increases the speed.

Depalletising with a vision system

In case there are different types of bags or if the bags are not always stacked properly on the pallets, one can operate with a vision system. With this system, the camera of the vision system recognizes the bag on the pallets. Subsequently, the coordinates are communicated to the robot. This way, the robot is able to depalletise each layer accurately.

Ergonomics and security

As the robot takes over the difficult operations, the operator is relieved from very difficult and repetitive work. This way, the operator gets more time to complete other tasks which have an added value within the company.

The robot cell is designed and produced in-house, both in an electrical and mechanical way. The complete cell has to meet the European machine guidelines. We take care of this. Therefore, everything has to be fenced. Moreover, light screens and secured doors have to protect the entrances and exits of the cell. For such installations, often a secure PLC is used too (safety PLC). This way, the safety circuits and logic can be custom programmed.

Bulk transport from the robot cell

The content of the bags that are cut open has to be transported out of the cell. Therefore, an aeromechanical transport can be used. With only a small footprint, an aeromechanical transport system can increase the flow rate significantly. Moreover, the system is ideal to operate at a high altitude on a small surface. Screw conveyors or transporting the bags via a conveyor belt are possible options too. The content can be repacked in a bigbag, octabin or silo too. If one uses a dosing unit inbetween, even a legal-for-trade filling machine for bigbags or octabins can be used. Hence, each bigbag or octabin is filled accurately with the appropriate weight.


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