Weighbridge for dump trucks with automation

This solution in a nutshell:

  • 1 steel-concrete weighbridge of 90 ton
  • Long distance RFID reader
  • Traffic lights
  • Cameras
  • Wireless sending of data

Why the customer chose Robbe Industries …

  • We could meet their requirements
  • Tailor-made flexibility
  • Experienced technicians
  • Smooth service

We delivered an above-ground (removable) steel-concrete weighbridge of 18 x 4,5 m (between girders) in order to weigh dump trucks with a complete automation.

Customer’s request

The customer asked for a weighbridge to weigh dump trucks which drive constantly up and down. The weighing had to be done automatically (so the driver does not have to get out or take action). As soon as the weighing was done, the data of the weighing had to be sent wirelessly to 2 other parties.

Our solution

We installed a steel-concrete weighbridge with metal driveways (so the weighbridge could be moved later on). Two control panels were installed at the weighbridge with a long-distance RFID reader which could read RFIDs hanging on the dump trucks. When entering, the RFID was read and the weighing was done (after stopping and stable weight). The lights indicated whenever the weighing was successfully performed. During every weighing also a picture was taken. The weighing ended up in a PC and was automatically and wirelessly sent to 2 different parties, over long distances.

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