• OCS checkweighers for small packages at high speed
  • Entry-level model to state-of-the-art solution possible
  • Custom solution for larger packages
  • Automatic emission and X-ray detection possible
  • Hygienic design for demanding industry

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Checkweighers for high speeds and small weights: OCS checkweighers

Robbe Industries sells, installs and maintains OCS checkweighers for products from 1 g to 32 kg. These checkweighers guarantee speed, high accuracy and long service life.

Different executions are possible. You can find an overview hereunder.


The EC-E machines, also know as ‘the Essentials’, are perfect as an entry-level machine, because of their low price. Despite their low price, you can count on a machine with high quality and reliability. This machine is able to weigh products with a speed of 150 pieces per minute. The modular standard machine is especially designed for easy use and weighs dynamically in an easy, correct way.


The HC-M machines are capable machines that weigh up to 250 pieces per minute. Adapted to performance, these machines are developed with an extensive range of standard hardware and software options for 100% production control, meeting the requirements of the prepackage guidelines. The HC-M is also available in a WD variant with a protection degree IP69k for a wet environment.


The HC-A range is really our flagship. As a matter of fact, there is a whole spectrum of technological superlatives. Depending on the applications, these machines are able to weigh 650 pieces per minute. They are easy to integrate with the highest reliability, precision and speed. Hence, this increases your productivity significantly. There are almost no limits with these HC-A machines regarding modularity and adjustments. These machines are perfect for complex applications, like multiple lines or weighing light products at ultra-high speed. Moreover, they meet the demanding compliance criteria.

Also, all possible options are available. For instance, emission with or without roller conveyor, metal detector, software for statistic follow-up, …

Checkweighers for larger volumes and weights

Robbe Industries cannot only help you with the complete range of OCS checkweighers, but also if you are looking for support as soon as your packages become larger or heavier.

Therefore, we try to find out which custom device meets your requirements. Of course, we do everything in-house.

As a customer, you have a wide choice in both dimensions and maximum weighing capacity.

The roller conveyor or weigh belt can be driven automatically. If necessary, we can install a palletising or stacking machine at the end of the conveyor.

Atex approved roller conveyors are available too.

Also, for the food industry and chemistry industry we can offer you a solution with custom devices that comply with the applicable hygiene standards.

In this case, those devices are only manufactured with stainless steel parts and approved materials. If necessary, we can take care of an extra stainless steel treatment (e.g. extra corrosion resistance).

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Can we help you?

Describe your project and needs by filling in the form below. We will answer you within two working days and explain how we can help you.