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Would you like to measure your goods or product flows via conveyor belts? Then we can offer you a wide range of Siemens belt weighers. Thanks to our many years of collaboration with Siemens, we have a lot of expertise: not only in weighers in new conveyor belts, but also the implementation of weighers in existing conveyor belts. Therefore, we trust our experienced team of engineers and technicians.

Depending on the type of conveyor belt and the required accuracy, you can choose between different types of weighing modules. You will find an overview of the different types on this page.


The MSI is a heavy-duty belt weigher with a high accuracy. This weighing module is built as a whole. Hence, the assembly can be done smoothly.

For this belt weigher, special triple-beam parallelogram load cells are used. Therefore, there is a huge mechanical overload protection.

The MSI is both available in painted steel and in stainless steel. Moreover, the MSI can also be installed in an ATEX II 2D environment. The belt weigher can be used in approved applications.

A single MSI can work with a precision of approximately 0,5% with a reach of 20 to 100% of the nominal flow rate (maximum 12,000 t/h!).

Whenever multiple MSIs are installed next to each other, you can even reach a precision of approximately 0,125%(MMI-2 and MMI-3).


As a matter of fact, the MCS belt weigher is a compact solution. This device is ideal for the installation within existing conveyor belts. This solid belt weigher is heavy-duty and can be installed in different industries from agriculture to recycling, mining and process industry. A troughed idler is installed between the different weighing units. This way, the belt weigher can be built smoothly by the Robbe technicians.

You can reach a precision of approximately 0,5% up to 2%, with a maximum weighing capacity of 2,400 t/h.


The Siemens Siwarex MUS belt weigher is a universal solution. Thanks to this modular construction, this belt weigher can smoothly be built in existing conveyor belts. You can reach precisions of 1% with speeds up to 2,400 t/h. This belt weigher can be used for lower flow rates too.

With belt weighers, also the speed of the belt has to be weighed. We provide the sensors for this too. This can be done via a reversing roller on which we mount an encoder or via an impeller.

The choice is dependent on the situation. Moreover, we provide a junction box next to the belt weigher, for the connection of all electrical components and the connection to the integrator. The integrator can be installed next to the belt weigher or at a distance, in a control room or PLC cabinet.

The dimensioning of the components, together with the belt weigher, is executed in detail, as soon as our project engineers have paid a visit. Hence, we can install a belt weigher system that completely meets your requirements.

Next to the weighing module, also a weight reading is necessary. Again, for this we can rely on the reliable weighing components of Siemens from the Siwarex range.

The WT241 is based on the Siemens WP241 PLC weighing module. This weighing module can be controlled in a very easy and intuitive way by means of the 4’’ colour touchscreen. With this screen, you can control your belt weigher and consult the weighing results in no time. The whole is built in a cabinet of stainless steel with an IP65 degree of protection. That’s why this weight indicator is used in numerous industries like food, pharma, chemistry, … but also heavy industries like mining, steel industry, recycling, cement, …

The weighing module WP241 can easily be integrated in a SIMATIC S7-1200 via the Siemens TIA Portal environment. At the same time, this module can operate as a stand-alone system, without SIMATIC CPU too. This module is designed for different applications in continuously weighing (belt weighers, weigh feeders, …).

This weighing module is provided with an on-board ethernet exit (RJ-45) and can be connected to an Ethernet/IP Modbus TCP/IP and Profinet devices. Moreover, there is a Modbus RTU (RS-485) exit. Results and data can easily be visualized via a HMI touchscreen panel.

There are different possibilities for standard features for belt weighers (flow rate, speed, alarms). These can be connected to another system via the fieldbus or via analogical exits and I/O contacts.

Moreover, the module offers the possibility to simulate the flow rates and loadings. Hence, all alarms and functions in the connected systems can easily be tested during the implementation.

Connections with other PLC or PC are also possible.

Our experienced technicians can completely convert your existing conveyor belt into a weighing unit. With the installation of belt weighers with high precision, there is a lot involved. First, we have to investigate which troughed idler has to be installed. Then the rolls have to be aligned before and after the weigher, adjustments of the troughed idler have to be done. Moreover, there are general mechanical adaptations that have to be done, as well as the installation and connection of cabling for the corresponding weighing electronics, …

We have already built a lot of belt weighers. You can count on us for the installation, adjustment and technical support. Moreover, Robbe Industries is an approved OEM partner of Siemens. This means we work closely together with the experts of Siemens Siwarex Weighing Technology. That’s why a lot of our employees have already got an education in Germany regarding this business.

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