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Wheel and axle weighers could save a lot of time. Moreover, you can avoid fines.

For a constructor of trucks, wheel or axle weighers could be very time saving, as you don’t have to weigh at an external location anymore. Moreover, the new vehicle doesn’t have to be on public roads anymore (so no problems with license plates) and will not get dirty when the weather is bad. The axle weighing will be much more correct too, in comparison with a weighbridge.

If your company can perform an axle or wheel weighing, you can avoid overloading and thus avoid a fine. Wheel weighers could also support you in loading trucks, so axles are loaded evenly. Those axle and wheel weighers can be used statically or dynamically (loss of accuracy).

We offer wheel weighers with which you can weigh wheels separately as well as weighers with which you can weigh axles (2 wheel weighers) separately or even a complete vehicle (number of wheel weighers equal to number of wheels). Those wheel weighers are available in different dimensions, and could work both wired and wireless. The wheel weighers can be installed above-ground as well as built-in. Those wheel weighers are mobile and can easily be moved.

The wheel weighers are available in the following dimensions: 400 x 300 mm up to 900 x 700 mm with a power of 600 kg up to 25,000 kg per wheel weigher.

All wheel weighers have to be connected by means of cabling for the reading, on which you can read the separate wheel weights as well as the total weight. The reader is equipped with a roll printer which prints your weight tickets, which is built in an ABS housing that can easily be removed. The reader works on electricity or can be powered by a rechargeable battery.

We offer wireless wheel weighers too, on which you can read the weight on each wheel weigher separately. Of course, these wheel weighers can easily be installed, moved and connected.

Before and after the wheel weighers, you can install special plates, so that the wheels are at the same height, which increases the accuracy. If you would incorporate the wheel weighers, you will get the best results by installing the wheel weighers within a flat, horizontal plate (with as little inclination as possible).

The wheel weighers can also be calibrated, but in order to get a completely calibrated weight, the number of wheel weighers has to be equal to the number of wheels. Moreover, the accuracy has to be equal to the sum of devisions per platform. For instance, 4 platforms per 5 kg will be 20 kg.

We also offer axle weighers which are available in different dimensions and power. The axle weighers are built in the floor and dispose of a continuous weighing surface. It is even possible to install different axle weighers one after the other in a deep pit. Hence, you can check all axle weights of a complete vehicle with a single weighing in an accurate way.

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