Turnkey project weighbridge with TOP/DOP

This solution in a nutshell:

  • Rebuild an existing weighbridge
  • Installation of control panels with QR code, printer and touchscreen
  • Installation of cameras (in front and above)
  • Installation of barriers
  • Installation of a tablet

Why the customer chose Robbe Industries …

  • Quick reaction and delivery
  • Fair price
  • Custom automation
  • Experienced technicians
  • Smooth service

We rebuilt a weighbridge and installed a full automation on it.

Customer’s request

The customer wanted to remove an existing weighbridge and provide it with a detailed automation. They required that the drivers could weigh quickly and completely independently (with registration beforehand).

Our solution

We installed a program at the customer’s site with which a QR code could be made beforehand with which the drivers could weigh. This code can be printed or even scanned by smartphone. Moreover, it is possible to weigh by means of a traditional code, for instance when the driver is changed at the very last moment (communicate the code by telephone). All these data can be followed up at a distance. By means of the tablet the state of the weighbridge can be checked at any time too. This way, the weighings can be checked and eventually commented. We also provided a road next to the weighbridge with a barrier that can be opened by means of a badge, so that the own drivers can drive in and out smoothly and eventually can weigh faster too (with well-known tare). We also installed 2 cameras which take a picture from the front as well as from above during each weighing.

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