Project Antwerp Linkeroever

This solution in a nutshell:

  • 8 ground floor truck weighbridges
  • 3 truck-wagon weighbridges
  • 1 above-ground truck weighbridge

Why the customer chose Robbe Industries …

  • Smooth realisation and communication
  • Smooth service
  • Professional support
  • Tailor-made flexibility
  • Experienced technicians

Customer data


First, we delivered 8 ground floor truck weighbridges and 1 truck-wagon weighbridge. Afterwards, we installed 2 extra truck-wagon weighbridges and 1 above-ground weighbridge at the entrance of the company.

Customer’s request

The customer asked for 8 ground floor concrete truck weighbridges, above on which some bulk loading stations would be built later on, as well as 1 truck-wagon weighbridge. All these weighbridges were installed in a zoned way. Moreover, in the pits special apertures were provided for the ventilation of the pits. Afterwards, the customer asked for 2 extra truck-wagon weighbridges, as well as an above-ground steel-concrete weighbridge to install at the entrance for the first checkweighing when entering the site.

Our solution

We realized the installation of the first 9 weighbridges in only 2 days by making use of prefab pits and a heavy crane which had to move only a few times. The transport was followed up accurately, as no less than 36 prefab parts had to be installed.

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