Fully automated weighbridge with ANPR cameras

This solution in a nutshell:

  • 1 concrete pit
  • 1 ground floor weighbridge of 18 x 3 m
  • 2 ANPR cameras
  • 4 led screens for messages
  • 1 weighbridge program

Why the customer chose Robbe Industries …

  • Automation
  • Tailor-made flexibility
  • Experienced technicians

We delivered a ground floor weighbridge of 18 x 3 m equipped with automation and weighbridge software.

Customer’s request

The customer asked for a weighbridge on which the customer could automatically weigh in and out, with all the information sent to the office for further administration regarding the weights.

Our solution

We installed a ground floor weighbridge with 2 ANPR cameras with 4 LED screens on which one can weigh automatically and on which the LED screens can indicate different messages regarding the weights.

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