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  • Industries: chemistry, food, agro-industry, recycling, …
  • Bigbags, FIBC, octabins, …
  • From low budget to specialized automatic filling lines

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We offer a wide range of bigbag filling systems: from high-tech automated solutions to very simple filling devices.

The product that has to be filled is very diverse. Our devices are used in numerous industries from chemistry to food, agro-industry, …

The Apollo bigbag filling machines reach their full potential in an automated supply and removal line with roller conveyors, but can also operate independently. We even offer mobile devices. These systems are removable by means of loose wheels or powered. This device can fill different heights and types of packages, as the device is adjustable in height. This device is very appropriate for delicate products. Is can easily be cleaned and is very ergonomical for the operator. With the Apollo bigbag filling machines, also octabins can be filled. There are numerous possibilities (vibrating, sealing with heating elements, automatic hooks, …). It is possible to fill in a dust-free way by means of an inflatable bellow, so dangerous or irritating products can be dosed too. We can deliver these devices in a filling line with a pallet dispenser, so empty pallets can be transferred to the filling post automatically. This way, the operator has less manual work to do. By means of a slip sheet dispenser a cardboard sheet can be placed on the empty pallet automatically. Once the bigbag or octabin is filled, it can be transferred via roller conveyors and removed and stacked by a forklift.

The Jupiter bigbag filling machines can be executed in a filling line by means of a roller conveyor. They can operate independently as well. Therefore, the filled bigbag is removed with a forklift. During the filling, everything can be compacted. These machines are able to lift the complete bigbag after filling. This way, there is always a tight bigbag with every kind of product. Hence, these machines are very unique. The filling unit is adjustable in height. This way all types of bigbags can be filled. FIBCs and octobins can be filled by this machine too.

The Juno bigbag fillers combine a versatile operation with a very affordable price. These bigbag filling machines can operate both in a filling line and independently. The machine can be adjusted at different heights. However, it is not able to lift the bigbag completely. Thanks to the different options, like vibrating, weighing, automatic hooks and blower fan, you can assemble your own dream machine.

If you want to fill bigbags in a very economical way, the Pluto filling device is the best option. These bigbag filling systems are less functional, but they excel with their simplicity and reliability. Because of their sharp price, those systems are very accessible for companies who only want to fill occasionally, but in a correct, secure and reliable way. Because of their small dimensions and light weight, these devices are easy to move by a forklift or they can easily be placed on a mobile chassis. These devices can perfectly operate outside too.

All our filling machines are developed and produced in-house and meet very high requirements. For every customer we take enough time to assemble the most appropriate filling machine.

Because of our experience and know-how, we can also select the dosing unit. This way, you will always get the dosing unit which is the most appropriate for your product. This can be a screw feeder, vibrating feeder, conveyor belt, … As a matter of fact, we have experience in diverse industries from food to chemistry.

Because of our many years of experience with Siemens and other suppliers of weighing electronics, we can determine and construct the most appropriate controller too. Moreover, we can also implement the controller in the supply line of the machines via the PLC of the bigbag filling machine. Or we can build a connection to a higher ERP or MES system too.

Do you dispose of a bigbag filling machine which is still in a good condition? But the controller is not up-to-date anymore? Then we have many years of experience with retrofit and the conversion of existing machines. It often happens that a machine is mechanically still operating very well, but the customer needs a new controller and wishes to switch the machine into a version which is more modern and meets the demanding requirements in terms of safety. Of course, you can count on our support to do this too.

If you have any question or if you do not exactly know which type of machine is most appropriate for you, please do not hesitate to contact us for more information!

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