Bigbag unloading stations

This solution in a nutshell:

  • Unloading bigbags in a secure, fast and ergonomical way
  • Bulk material unloaded by transport
  • Hygienic versions possible
  • Chemistry, food, agro-industry, …

More than 175 years of experience

  • Our team is very flexible
  • Custom-made
  • Always in time

The content of bigbags can be transferred to another storage via bigbag unloading stations, in a secure and ergonomical way. There are numerous possibilities, like unloading bigbags and putting in trucks or a silo. Moreover, the content of the bigbags can be put into smaller mixing silos too.

In case of rewrapping or repackaging, the content of the bigbags can be transferred to a bag filling installation. Read here more about bag filling installations.

Secure and efficient

Via an unloading station at operator height, the bigbag doesn’t have to be manipulated too high. The operator can open the bigbag or the bigbag can be opened automatically by means of a blade system. Via an aeromechanical transport system one can operate on a very little surface. There are also possibilities with a screw conveyor or a combination of these two technologies.

The bigbag can be lifted by a lifting beam via an electrical tackle. This way, the operator can manipulate in a secure and ergonomical way.

It is possible to place a full bigbag in a forklift in the unloading station too.

For difficult products or products that are less liquid, the bigbag can be rubbed or manipulated, so the content is forced out of it.

Industrial applications

We have various possibilities for dry bulk and solids that are packed in bigbags. We offer solutions to many industries, like logistics, chemistry, agro-industry, recycling, …

Our devices are very robust and can be used in a demanding heavy-duty environment.

Hygienic applications

For high-care applications, in which food is packed in bigbags, we can offer you hygienically designed unloading stations. The used materials are completely fabricated in high-quality stainless steel. Moreover, all plastics are compliant with all requirements. Also, the machines meet the requirements of a hygienic design. Therefore, you can clean everything very quickly and thoroughly. This way, no pollution can occur. The parts that contact the product can be treated afterwards too, so the roughness of the stainless steel is drastically reduced.

Loading trucks via aeromechanical transport

These truck loading machines are very special. Therefore, we cooperate with Floveyor, our partner. This company has many years of experience in aeromechanical transport. The Floveyor loading installations for trucks can quickly be used. This way, bigbags can be loaded in bulk trucks very quickly, both open and closed.

Installation and start-up at the customer’s site

As with our other devices, our mechanics and technicians will install and start up the bigbag unloading stations on site. Of course, everything is in close cooperation with our customer. We can also take care of the installation during a production downtime.

Our technicians have many years of experience and are passionate professionals. Moreover, as a company, we are VCA certified*.


As with other weighing or filling devices, we guarantee an excellent follow-up and after-sales service as soon as the project is finished. You can also ensure that your device is regularly maintained by means of a maintenance contract.

Possibility to test in the testing centre of Robbe, without obligation

Do you have any question? Or would you like to test your own product or package?

Please do not hesitate to contact us! We dispose of several test machines in our workshops, with which we can test your product in a realistic environment.

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Can we help you?

Describe your project and needs by filling in the form below. We will answer you within two working days and explain how we can help you.