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Robust weighing solutions at Galloo, from large to small

Asking how much discarded consumer goods and factory scrap are processed at Galloo each year is like asking how much water is in the ocean. Though no doubt they can put an exact figure on it at the recycling company. Indeed, at the various sites in Belgium, the Netherlands and France, weighing solutions from Robbe Industries ensure that the various flows and processes are monitored efficiently and precisely.

With 39 sites, 710 employees and a track record of 82 years, Galloo can rightly call itself one of the leading recycling companies in Western Europe. The focus on efficient and ecological processing of waste products, with 100% valorization as a target, is a matter of course for the company. In this, smart and reliable weighing solutions also have their role to play.

Entry and exit

In 1980, Robbe Industries was first allowed to supply some weighbridges to Galloo. That 100-ton railroad weighbridge and 60-ton truck weighbridge were installed at the original site in Menen, but now trucks entering and exiting all domestic and foreign sites pass a weighbridge of the Torhout-based family business. “In most cases, these are above-ground weighbridges of 18 x 3.4 m that are installed semi-submerged,” indicates account manager Dries Bruynooghe of Robbe Industries. “This way, they enjoy the good guidance of side profiles and the limited risk of error measurements, but the overall length remains limited due to the elimination of driveways.”

Automation is done by Galloo, an outside party, or Robbe Industries. In the latter case, for example, wireless communication is provided with tablets in the bulldozers.

Immediately loaded correctly

When loading containers with processed metals, 40-ton weighing platforms have been providing significant efficiency gains for several years. “Instead of filling the container on sight and then being able to check the weight only on the weighbridge, it is now placed vertically on a 3.5 x 3.5 m weigh platform and the crane operator can see the exact fill weight even while filling. Driving back and forth between weighbridge and filling site is therefore a thing of the past, and thanks to the power supply via built-in, rechargeable battery and the mobile nature of the weighing platforms, Galloo employees can even take them all the way to the right scrap yard. Without any risk of damage, because these are extremely robust versions, perfectly resistant also to truck impact.”

Flawlessly sorted

When receiving old metals from individuals, smaller weighing platforms are used. “These are both recessed and overhead platforms, and both small versions up to 1,500 kg and larger ones up to 4 tons. For small and expensive pieces of metal, we also provide bench scales at some sites.”

A special custom solution are the weighing platforms with Weeconnect application for sorting electrical waste for Recupel. “The sorting is done in cooperation with customization company ‘t Veer from Menen. To keep that on track, the built-in weighing platform was combined with, among other things, an industrial touchscreen – which can also be operated with working gloves – and customized software. Thanks to the intuitive interface, employees can very easily recognize and indicate which product is involved. To avoid misunderstandings, a photo is also taken automatically of each weighing, and Galloo can add new product categories itself if necessary.”

Also for small groups

In pursuit of 100% valorization, Galloo invested in a new fines line just last year. This filters even the smallest fractions of plastic or metal from shredder residue. After sorting, they are sold in big bags.

“For this, we recently delivered a bigbag filling installation with a total of five scales,” Bruynooghe says: “two for filling the bigbags, two for sampling based on weight, granulometry and material, and one for recording and delivering the weigh tickets. Of course, again equipped with the necessary software and touchscreen interface.”

Finally, in order to continuously monitor the quantities of material processed, several conveyors in production were equipped with belt weighers with PLC connection.

“In any application, Robbe Industries knows how to provide or develop an appropriate weighing solution,” concludes Jan Vandeputte, Galloo’s managing director. “That, along with the quick service and personal contact, is one of the main reasons we have been equipping our sites with their products since 1980.”

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