Light industry

We dispose of a large range of light industrial scales.

Industrial scales

Scales for industrial usage in production environment with possibility of customization.

Industrial floor scales

Our industrial platform scales are an ideal solution for weighing products in an industrial environment. They are engineered and produced in-house.

Automation and software for industrial weighing devices

Solutions This solution in a nutshell: Large range of scales Maximum weighing capacity of 3 kg up to 150 kg Choice of material dependent on usage More than 175 years of experience Robust for sustainable use Customization possible We offer a wide range of industrial scales that are engineered and produced in-house. These scales are […]

Underwaterweigher for potatoes

Solutions This solution in a nutshell: Capacity : 6kg Division: 2g Dry matter and starch reading to 0.1% Meer dan 175 jaar ervaring Electronic determination of percentage of dry matter and starch TIME GAIN: No need for conversion tables!! Weighed amount hasn’t to be exactly 5kg With the ONW RI6000E you can quickly and easily determine […]

Crane scales

Weighing materials by using a hanging weighing system.