This solution in a nutshell:

  • Demo/showroom model bagging machine
  • Perfect for filling bags/boxes between 5 and 30 kg in a verifiable way
  • Design in stainless steel

More than 175 years of experience:

  • Our team is very flexible
  • Tailor-made
  • Always in time

Immediately available!

There is always a filling machine ‘Atlas’ available for testing and demos. You can rent or acquire this machine for a very sharp price!

This machine dispenses accurately by means of a controller for coarse or fine goods by means of a vibrating feeder. This device is perfect for products with a rather coarse granulometry. When you want to pour off powders in a dust-free way, you can always contact us for an Atlas filling machine provided with a screw feeder.

The control cabinet is a box that is based on Siemens PLC with a Siemens touchscreen. The entire device is in stainless steel and can be used in the food industry. Because of the open structure of the vibrating feeder it can easily be cleaned.

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